I've been lucky to work with smart, humble, and kind people who have impacted my life both professionally and personally. Here are a few testimonials from people I’ve worked with:

"I've never seen anyone ship faster and with insane quality than Sahil. The whole process was smooth and quick. Couldn't be happier with the end result. Sahil is a must-hire!"

Danny Postma • Founder @Landingfolio

"Sahil is an extremely talented and professional designer who can ship very fast, without compromising on quality. He thinks critically from the user's perspective and makes designs as per that. He is amazing to work with, and I am really looking forward to working with him a lot of times in the future.”

Bhanu Teja P • Founder @Feather

“I wanted to find someone to help me improve the UI of my SaaS, KatLinks. Luckily, a friend connected me with Sahil. He is very talented and delivered extraordinary work. I am delighted with the design work he has produced. I highly recommend him!”

Roberto Robles • Director @KatRank

“Sahil has been a great partner, helping us with our experiments by coming up with designs and layouts that work within our constraints and budgets. He works independently and quickly - critical when working with a remote design partner.”

Michael Hsu, Owner @Log Cabin Dev

“Sahil is a very talented developer and designer who is extremely efficient and produces top-quality results with minimal supervision. I’d highly recommend hiring him.”

Will Snell, Chief Executive @Fairness Foundation

"I spent months working with different outsourced web design freelancers and companies, I had some success and some failures, but from the moment I started working with Sahil, I realized I had found a truly professional person. Not only did he deliver what is requested every time, but on several occasions when I have had an urgent need for help or am close to a deadline, he has worked into the night or at weekends to help me. I am confident that he can handle any work that I put his way and look forward to our business relationship being a long one."

Jinank Thakker, CEO @Rethinksoft LLP

"I have worked with Sahil on several projects. Sahil is one of the smart, creative, and innovative full-stack designers. He saves your time by using his creative skills for design. You can expect exact deliverables that are exactly required for the project. I highly recommend him."

Maulik Patel, Founder @Swan Softweb Solutions

"We were looking for a UI/UX design consultant for our quick projects. Working with Sahil was a perfect choice because he brings quality design, and his quick understanding of the task and reliability and responsiveness to our changing needs are impressive. It’s been more than five years working with Sahil, and within this time, he has worked for many people in my corporate connections, and all of them have highly appreciated his work."

Maurya Patel, Founder @iTech Interface

"Sahil is working with me for the last 6-8 months. His dedication, understanding of the requirement, skillset, and timely delivery of the designs is impressive. Always a pleasure working with him!"

Margesh Patel, Founder @Codechants Technologies

"Sahil is an extremely proactive designer and project manager while tackling projects of any size. He is equally adaptive to changes that inevitably occur and seeks solutions that are both creative and logical. Sahil also maintains clear communication with clients while juggling all facets of each project. He was there from the creative conception to the delivery. I have done a couple of projects with Sahil, and he has never let me down. Be it understanding requirements or providing things on the timeline or after changes, he readily did everything. I look forward to the next time I get to work with him!"

Aziz Vahora, Founder @AR Communication Group

"Sahil provided excellent service for us and was very patient and professional throughout the design process even though We had to make several changes. His skills in design, clean, clear, and modern UI/UX are impressive."

Aanal Barot, COO @Rethinksoft LLP

"Sahil knows how to turn ideas into reality in terms of creativity, minimalism, and delivering the user-centric experience. His imagination power delivered us desired results in no time."

Paras Patel, Founder @my eOffice Softwares

"Sahil has been a real pleasure to work with. He did an exceptional job on projects that we worked on together. Passionate, great, and creative designer. Highly recommended."

Utsav Patel, Founder @Tagsen

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