Track Subscription

Creating an app to keep track of all your subscriptions.

Track Subscription is an app that helps consumers more easily manage their subscriptions and bills, by keeping track of their fixed costs and recurring payments.

How did I help?

I was approached by the Track Subscription team to support their new business with a new digital brand and an app platform. Delivering both design and development. The project included full identity design with a fully functional web and android platform, and a landing page for the app.

I started the whole visual process by exploring branding, design styles, typography, colors, and how they interact with each other.

Creating the digital brand

Given that Track Subscription was a new product, my best starting point was to design the logo. In collaboration with their team, I took the time to better understand their needs and what they want to achieve with this new product.

Even before I started brainstorming ideas about what the logo was supposed to be, I already knew I want a monogram logo.

In the process, I explored how different colors could be included in branding to depict a level of modularity and uniqueness.


Shaping the app platform

Defining the Problem

Most of us have no idea how much we spend each year on online subscriptions. Many of us even lose track of what we’re subscribed to!

Whatever tool you use to keep track of these subscriptions, make sure you list them all out. Write how much each cost. And make a note of the date the subscription renews. Keep this list up to date, and review it regularly. If it turns out you’re just not using a subscription enough, cancel it sooner rather than later. Otherwise, those subscriptions quickly add up.

Existing Apps

Before diving in and bringing our solutions, I downloaded some subscription tracker apps found in Google Play Store and learned how they currently answer these problems. Tools that list those subscriptions, tell users how much they cost when trial periods are due to end, and even when payments will be taken. I found some nice time-saving features, and also some apps which I thought were well designed and user-centered, but most of the apps weren’t intuitive, and they didn’t seem to us like they bring the best solutions for their users’ needs.

Product UX

In my solution, I focused on mainly three pain points that the research showed, which are onboarding users, tracking the subscriptions, and canceling the subscriptions.

  1. Onboarding: The main value of the onboarding process needs to serve, is to give users a quick overview to get the minimum information I need from the user to get started. I did this by showing a simple walkthrough and used a welcome screen with a social login feature that is as frictionless as possible with no need to type.
  2. Tracking the Subscriptions: The main usage of the app should be the monthly or yearly tracking of user's online subscriptions. For the main tab, 'Overview' I added a list of services the user has subscribed for. It also shows the amount to be paid in the current month. When users will add a new subscription, they'll be able to search from existing services or they can also add their custom subscription service.
  3. Canceling the Subscriptions


Visual Design


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