Building an intuitive experience for a tour package booking app.

Avigo is a tour & travel company that makes it simple for travelers to find best tour packages to explore around the world. They provide the best deals across the globe at pocket-friendly rates


How did I help?

The client came to me to design a completely new look for their platform. I delivered a new creative direction, improved the user experience, and designed a fully responsive design system elevating interface design with a clean, content-oriented approach.

Research & Strategy

The challenge was to come up with an engaging app to create an immersive way for travelers to explore beautiful destinations around the world and make it easy to book the tickets.

To start with the project, I wanted to identify how other travel apps are used by the users in which phase of traveling. So I had a bunch of discussions, conducted thorough research on the industry, and clarified detailed requirements before starting the design process.

After the discovery & research stage, it became clear that I should begin with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test the viability of the idea.

Product UX

The detailed research and exploration phase gave me a great foundation for creative work. I wanted the user flows in the app to be quick and easy to complete. That’s why I defined the path that users will follow within the app through a flowchart, which allowed me to know beforehand how the user will move within it, where the data and its importance will be found.

I started the design process with some wireframes of the possible low fidelity interface to help me represent a general idea of our solution of an app. When creating wireframes, I mainly focused on making the app visually beautiful and informative while reducing overall complexity for more intuitive usability.

Visual Design

Before starting the actual UI design part, I developed a basic design system for the app, where I included typography, colors, icons, buttons, and series of other elements that helped me design a consistent interface.

I reduced visual clutter by introducing less content, better spacing, and an overall better structure. The updated design system makes data input easier and improves the simplified presentation of the data.



In establishing a completely new visual language, I was able to deliver a new app that looks modern and is easier and more simple to use.

Most importantly, I realized the importance of developing a product with a user-centered approach. I also learned the power of testing ideas in the first stages of the process, to validate the product before the development stage, and to save money and time to the client.

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