Medium for Android

Designing Medium for Android using Material Design.



My Role

UX Design, Visual UI Design

My First Attempt to Material Design

Medium has grown so big and beautiful in the last few months. It probably the most elegant, fast and functional platform to share the amazing stories and ideas with everyone out there. Every day thousands of new voices publish their unique experiences, views, and reflections to, creating the largest, most diverse collection of stories on the internet.

I love Medium. I use it every day to read some amazing stories for the inspiration, and pretty much anything else I can justify using it for.

Medium for iOS is already available on the App Store. It’s a simple app that lets you read and write the stories that matter most to you. With this app, you have the cleanest, simplest way to discover them and create your own, wherever you are.

But what about Android users? Currently, they’re using by adding it to the home screen of their mobile phones. Great idea, right? But it would be nice to have the app as iOS has.

The talented designers and developers at the Medium, maybe working on its Android version, or maybe not. So I’ve decided why not give it a try to design the Medium app for Android using the new Material Design Guidelines.

And that’s how the journey begins!


My goal with this project was to imagine Medium for Android by making use of Google’s Material Design language as seen in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

As I was not completely friendly with the Material Design guidelines, first I had to do some research to nicely understand the design aspects of it. So I started reviewing some Android apps. And as my daily dose of inspiration for Material Design, I started exploring MaterialUp. (Seriously great work done by Matthieu Aussaguel!)

I’ve also reviewed the Medium, iOS app to see how it organize the content and display it in a particular format, how the interaction is done and also to study some UX aspects of it.

App Icon

Visual UI Design

Splash Screen

Login Screen

Home Screen

Very short posts are shown in their entirety in the stream with an elegant tab bar for staff picks, top stories, and bookmarks, and a sleek and sexy FAB to start writing a new story.

Navigation Drawer

Simple, yet amazing side navigation for all the features, but the main focus is to use the platform-specific icons to maintain the overall brand experience.

New Look for Stories

Every single story is displayed in a beautiful way that the users can get a more unique experience of reading articles on the go.

Search Suggestions & Results

Use of Expandable search pattern of Material Design Guidelines to display the search suggestions in different factors like people, publications, stories, and tags. And users can differentiate the search results using the tab bar.

Better Looking Profiles

The user’s profiles simply display the number of followers and the people followed by the user, with his/her other social network links i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc. and stories, obviously!

The concept is to innovate the Medium platform for Android using Material Design, without losing its brand identity. This was done as a design exercise. It’s just a concept, not the actual representation of any existing app. All the images and content are property of its respective users.

Check out the Behance presentation: